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This hobby is fascination. If you ever learned it, you will never leave. It is amazing to hear answering a friend from the other side of this world. It is fantastic to talk about things you are interestest in. The technically possibilities are so multifaceted. Morsecode, voice or digital modes opens several  options to communicate. Everybody , who's interested find his favored place. The own spirit find enough place to open the mind.                 Try to test it!

My equipment for this hobby:

FT-990 by YAESU

10-Band    DXCC

DXCC-Challenge 3000

LP8 Antenna from Titanex with homebrew expansion of a 9.element. This element is a trapdipole for 30 and 40m. On 30m it is operating with gain into the main beamdirection. The boom is 8m long. The last element is 20m long!

On the top of the tower is   the feeder for the 80/160m-Trapantenna.   The 2x9el crossyagi for 2m, a 4 el. monoband Yagi for 6m ,  and a 9 el.Crossyagi for 70cm are completing the system.

For 6,2 and 0,7m I am using a FT-857 or an IC7000. This TRX is also in action on shortwave, when I am travelling through the world.

RN1NA and me on Yannissari-island (UE1NLO)   RR 19-29

UE1NLO June 2008      Yannissari-island / Ladoga-lake  RR 19-29